Clear Stair Treads for Wooden Steps - Non Slip Stair Threads - Non-Skid, Non-Slip Clear Grip Tape

Why You Need Stair Treads

Stairway Fall Statistics, according to the National Safety Council (2023):

  • Over 1 million injuries are attributed to stairway falls annually in the U.S.
  • Stairway accidents rank as the second leading cause of injury, following motor vehicle accidents.
  • Stairway accidents lead to 12,000 fatalities each year.
  • Falls descending stairs are generally more fatal than falls ascending, yet both can result in fatal outcomes.

Why Use Stair Treads?

  1. Reduce Slip and Fall Risk: Stair treads minimize the risk of slips and falls.
  2. Enhance Traction: Provide traction when navigating stairs.
  3. Legal Protection: Reduce the risk of lawsuits stemming from falls at home or work.
  4. Wet Surface Safety: Prevent slipping on wet or slippery surfaces on stairs.
  5. Child Safety: Crucial for homes with young children to ensure safe stair navigation.
  6. Protective Barrier: Shield stairs from daily wear, scuffs, scratches, and stains.
  7. Surface Preservation: Minimize damage, extending the lifespan of stairs.
  8. Cost-Effective Maintenance: Reduce maintenance costs compared to rebuilding stairs.
  9. Importantly, adding stair treads aims to improve stability, enhance grip, and provide additional traction, significantly reducing the risk of slipping or falling on stairs.

More about our product and its uses:

Our Kingdom Products stair treads, manufactured in China, are crafted from durable, PVC-free PEVA material. Resistant to wear, tear, and water, they are easy to clean, maintaining a fresh appearance over time.

These versatile stair treads can be installed on various surfaces, including concrete, wood, tile, marble, glass, and plastic. Suitable for homes, apartments, condos, as well as hospitals, schools, offices, and warehouses. Their clear design complements the beauty of wood or other surfaces.

Consider Kingdom Products stair treads for safer footing on ladders, trailer stairs, or ramps. Each pack includes 15 pre-cut strips (4″x24″), and installation is made easy with the included scraper and roller.

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